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CIO-On-Call Provides the Expertise You Need


In this information age, every company is dependent on their systems, computers and networks, regardless of its size. Yet many small and medium sized firms are faced with a choice between an expensive and underutilized Chief Information Officer (CIO) or Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to strategically manage technology, or a highly paid technician who does not understand business.
Without planning, budget, process analysis, and forward-thinking technology selection, these businesses often find themselves limited by their technology environment or unable to exploit the capabilities of their current technologies. Most small and mid-size business owners and managers have neither the time to learn nor the expertise to address the technology issues facing their businesses. We fill that void.


NewVista Advisors' CIO-On-Call service offers small and mid-size companies the benefits of an experienced technology executive (CIO/CTO) who understands business, technology and people, providing services specifically designed to match business needs. Our CIOs-On-Call each have over 20 years of experience managing technology in large and medium size companies.  We will represent your interests when interacting with vendors and other business partners. If we cannot fill a specific technology need, we will use our extensive network in the Information Technology industry to located the appropriate resources at the right price. Through our unique ability to understand and define technology issues in terms of business decisions, business owners and managers are empowered to make better decisions, save time and money, and reap greater returns.


NewVista Advisors CIO-On-Call services include:

  • Technology budgets and investment analysis

  • Strategic planning and technology selection

  • Software Selection & Procurement

  • Technology Contract Negotiation & Procurement

  • Cost-Benefit Analysis

  • Disaster Recovery Planning

  • Technology services planning, selection, and implementation

  • Service and support improvement

  • Systems and Operations Process Mapping & Review - tailoring information technology and services to your business

  • Project Management


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