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Interim Technology Management (CIO/CTO)

Among the many good business reasons to use an interim, or temporary, Chief Information/Technology Officer are:

  1. To get an objective professional assessment of your current IT organization’s performance

  2. To ensure synchronization between IT spending and the priorities dictated by the business strategy

  3. To devise and/or manage the successful implementation of an IT strategy that maximizes technology benefits and minimizes costs

  4. To “hit the ground running” and manage a specific project to successful completion, or step into a troubled situation and turn things around quickly

  5. To provide professional insight into recruiting a permanent CIO or to develop a junior IT executive into CIO material, maintaining a stable and productive IT operation during the recruiting/development and transition phases

New Vista Advisors can provide your firm with some of the best, most experienced technology management available today.  Call us to discuss your needs and to learn more about our capabilities.

The Advantages to Your Firm

Use of interim IT leadership provides several advantages:

  • Flexibility - you can use an interim CIO or CTO on a "spot" basis, focusing the right expertise precisely on the business problems most urgently needing fixing – you pay for only what you determine that your business needs

  • Leverage - no long term commitment, no risk of a wrong hire, no lengthy learning curve -- NewVista Advisors extends the inherent advantage of the interim CIO / CTO with our guarantee of satisfaction

  • Immediate productivity - the recruiting process for a new CIO or CTO typically requires 3-9 months, and rushing into a hire for this critical position can be an expensive mistake.  An interim leader can keep your IT function from unproductive drifting while a search is completed.

  • Recognized impartiality – sometimes an outsider with a universally recognized lack of bias is the only way to break down organizational “silos” and overcome political infighting that inhibits performance

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