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Technology Relocation Prudential Securities Back Office Headquarters at 1 New York Plaza in Manhattan

Planning a large-scale relocation of your facility includes the technology relocation of your communications networks and information systems. These systems are essential to your business and must be up and running the next business day after the move. At risk is no less than the ability of the organization to continue to function.

What makes NewVista Advisors the best choice for managing the IT component of your company relocation?


We have done it many many times – and always with complete success - We manage the project so that the biggest impact on the staff is the need to commute to a different address. 

We have the right people to staff your project - The organization -- and especially the IT organization-- is not staffed to support this major activity in addition to their day-to-day responsibilities.  NewVista will provide the specific skills you need, from providing the IT Project Manager that has overall responsibility to functional PMs where needed, to server and desktop relocation supplemental headcount. 

We consider that technology has been moved successfully when nobody knows it was ever moved 

We understand the process of building a new facility, equipping it with technology and migrating to the new location, and we understand it better than anyone else in the field – We understand the issues, the landmines, the risks, and how to mitigate all of the above. Click here for some typical questions

Our set of tools includes comprehensive templates for Project Plans, Timelines and Budgets – We can create the project package quickly and with more detail than almost anyone else.  That’s because we know to include costs related to IT incidentals, Construction, Building Fees, Transportation, Move-Weekend Expenses and a slew of specialty services that most people miss – until they come back to ask for a variance.

Previous Technology Relocation Engagements

Moody's Investors Service


Nissan Motors

HBK Investment


We don’t just align the project plan with the broader business activities; we fuse the two together – We manage the Business, Construction and IT vendor dependencies to ensure minimal impact both to the business and the project.  We also set up a comprehensive communications program, both within IT and to the business itself, to ensure that the business does not create schedule conflict once the IT plan is in place.

We are the glue! – One of the greatest benefits we bring to the project is our ability to clearly interface and communicate with all of the contributing team members.  This includes not only the IT and Real Estate teams, but also the Telecom vendors, the Architects, Construction Managers, Electrical/Mechanical Engineers, Electricians (Local 3, etc), Movers (Teamsters) and other trades and Unions, A/V consultants, Building Management and so on. 

We have a focus on the availability of your systems and applications, and we ensure the new facility design meets or exceeds your expectations and needs – The IT staff often does not understand the intricacies of power and cooling systems or delivering high availability communications circuits.   We will ensure your new facility has the redundancies and diversities needed to meet your cost and availability goals.

We tightly manage the cost of your IT relocation, often saving more than the total cost of our services! – Even when all goes as planned; the difference between two different choices in a single decision can amount to a huge amount of money.  We understand the contributors to the IT relocation cost, where we can control it, and the associated risks.

We are completely technology agnostic – we are neither aligned with any vendor, nor do we sell any product.  We therefore make our decisions without any influence of personal gain.  That is not true with many others in this field, where design and architecture decisions are based on what they can sell you.


Bottom line, NewVista Advisors has spearheaded the relocation of some of the most notable companies in the US, including Moody’s, The Washington Post, Kaplan, MasterCard International, HBK Investment, Nissan Motors, and Prudential Securities.  This experience will make your relocation a major success.

Through a full suite of services NewVista Advisors will address your relocation from a number of important perspectives:

  • Provide Project Management

  • Build the Project Plan

  • Develop and Manage the Budget

  • Develop the Requirements and Specifications including Data Center and IDF closet facilities, power and cooling, fire suppression, cable distribution (risers and horizontal), LAN and WAN networking, telephone systems, servers, storage, consoles, and specialty Labs.

  • Manage the RFP processes for the various major procurements

  • Identify and Manage Risks including development of mitigation plans to address them

  • Coordinate The Team

    • Architects, Engineers, Trades, Tech Groups, Vendors, Business, etc.

  • Manage The Construction and Implementation of the Data Center / Server -Room itself

    • Data Center Room, Internal Communications Infrastructure (Risers, Horizontal Cabling, LAN), Power and Cooling Infrastructure, Network Provisioning, Voice, Video Conferencing, Desktop

  • Interface With / Coordinate With The Business

  • Work with the IT groups to develop systems and application migration methodology and timing

  • Migrate / Relocate the systems and applications

  • Migrate System and Application Data

  • Manage The User Moves

Contact NewVista Advisors at:      Sales@NVAdvisors.com

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