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Data Center Design, Implementation and Migration Project Management


Project Management for data center design, implementation and cutover is NewVista’s most core service competency. 

Our team is composed of Senior Level Project Managers, all with a deep understanding of IT infrastructures, datacenter power and cooling systems, structured cabling and the underlying construction and commissioning. 

Site Selection - Our clients often ask us to assist them in selecting the most appropriate site for a new data center, or alternatively to assess a potential data center space for appropriateness to the function. This service is low cost and very high impact.  Take a look at out site selection page.

NewVista Data Center Site Selection Page

Data Center Design and Implementation

How the data center facility is designed is critical to both the ability to respond to business changes, as well as the efficiency of the environment.  By focusing on such elements as:

  • The modularity of the data center environment,

  • The required availability tiers of the various pieces of business technology,

  • Consolidation and virtualization opportunities,

  • Ensuring the manageability of the environment, and

  • Optimizing the efficiency of the Power and Cooling infrastructures,

We help our clients build and migrate to flexible datacenters saving 30% or more of both the near term CapEx and longer term operational costs.

Achieving both a successful data center design, as well as migrating to that datacenter in a fashion that is seamless to the business is a puzzle of interconnected activities that are often preformed by different teams.

Click on the different puzzle pieces to the right for more information how we ensure success in each area.

Click On The Puzzle Pieces

Disaster Recovery - We have helped many of our customers develop a Disaster Recovery Plan for their data centers, implement the DR environment and changes necessary to ensure the DR site is ready for fail-over and perform initial and ongoing Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity tests. See the whole story by clicking on the link to our DR page or call us at 845-278-0617 to discuss how we can help you with your disaster recovery needs.

NewVista Disaster Recovery  Consulting Services

 The links in the Table below provide more detail on a few of our previous clients and what we did for them, Data Center construction or migration situations which present special challenges, and how we address those challenges, and finally links to some helpful information on your datacenter project.

NewVista Clients Data Center Challenges Knowledge


Data Centers In High-Rise Buildings 

NewVista Data Center Presentation 

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