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NewVista Can Move Your PCs and Servers

 As an outgrowth of our very successful Facility and Technology Relocation business and at the recommendation of our most valued clients, NewVista now offers a service to move your PCs, Printers, Fax machines and Telephones to a new location, whether a small restack within a building or a major restack or relocation between facilities.

We have been doing this for years as a component of our Technology Relocation service – used by major organizations when they move to a new location.  Our clients that have used this service include Prudential Securities, Soros Fund Management, Moody’s Investors Service, Kaplan Test Prep, Slate Magazine, and the Washington Post to name a few.

NewVista differentiates itself from other providers by approaching each engagement as a project, as opposed to just providing a technician and a set of tools.  For each engagement we have a project manager review the move with your responsible IT manager, attend any Pre-Move Meetings, review the destination locations to ensure that all of the required power and communications requirements are available, and if required, with the business staff involved in the move to ensure we understand the expectations.  For all but the smallest moves that project manager will be there with the technicians during the execution of the move.  Also, if desired, we provide after move technical support to ensure your users are 100% up and running and to support any requests for repositioning of devices, etc.

During the move we:

  • Label all your computers and peripherals so that no pieces get mixed up

  • Safely disconnecting your network, computers and peripherals

  • Provide safe transportation to your destination, or work with your movers to ensure devices move safely

  • Work with movers (where necessary) to locate missing items

  • Clean your devices before reinstallation

  • Reconnect all your systems and networks

  • Provide clean cable routing and tie down cables for a clean look

  • Work with your IT staff to support mitigation of issues which we do not have system permissions necessary to resolve

  • Escalate to designated IT staff where issues beyond the PC environment are discovered and need resolution

  • Provide reporting to designated management and individuals during the move process

  • Ensure that your systems are up and running after the move and reconnection

  • Provide “after move” support to fix issues, reposition devices and complete the migration of Laptops that were not available during the move event

Where necessary we can provide certified individuals, such as for certain server or communications equipment relocations.

Bottom line, we provide a complete service with a well defined process, run by individuals that have had responsibility for global desktop environments and who understand how the move of your personal computer environment can impact the success of a broader initiative, the ability of the business to continue to function, and personal and reputational costs of “PC-Moves Gone Bad”.

Call us today with your systems relocation requirements and let us show you why we are your best alternative


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