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NewVista is Looking For Sales Partners

NewVista Advisors has announced a Sales Partnership program to coincide with the expansion of services it offers and the increases in staffing. "We're seeing a relatively dramatic increase in the number of large infrastructure projects being announced by businesses in our area"  said Art Carapola, NewVista Advisors President.  "One of the biggest challenges we have as a company is having the manpower and relationships in place to reach out to these businesses in a timely fashion.

The Sales Partnership program has two levels of relationship:

  • The Sales Referral Partner Program, which is a "Company Representative" relationship leveraging the Sales Partner throughout the sales cycle.  The commissions in this program are quite substantial and include revenue to the Sales Referral Partner for ongoing business with a client.

  • The Lead Provider Program, where individuals can send NewVista leads to potential projects they have learned of through their friends and coworkers for a finder's fee of up to $5,000. 

NewVista Advisors specializes in medium to large infrastructure projects like designing, building consolidating and migrating to datacenters, managing the development of a new Facility's IT infrastructure and moving the systems and people into the new space, building and migrating to new Trading Floors, and now we have introduced a PC and Server Relocation service offering with a big difference from the competition.

We would be happy to discuss our services in depth with prospective partners, our project commission structure, as well as the partner's significant revenue generating capabilities.  If you are interested, please call Art Carapola at 845-278-0617.  The Partner Program and Lead Provider agreements are listed the right side of this page for easy download.

Sales Partnership Agreement Download

Sales Lead Submission Agreement

Contact NewVista Advisors at:      Sales@NVAdvisors.com

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