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Technology is inherently strategic to the organization because of its indirect effects - it creates possibilities and options that did not exist before. Companies that see, and act on, these possibilities before others do will differentiate themselves in the marketplace and reap economic rewards.  The appropriate IT strategy implemented correctly is a critical success factor for your business. Sometimes, however, you need help understanding the possibilities.  That's where we can help.

Our IT strategy services are customized for your business, and focused on ensuring that your IT organization is doing the right things and doing things right.  We begin the process of defining an information technology strategy by asking "What does the organization need to become to continue to deliver economic value?" We believe Technology's economic impact comes from a series of incremental innovations, rather than a "Big Bang" initiative. The strategic impact comes from the cumulative sum of these multiple initiatives which innovate business practices in the short term, delivering clear measurable benefits.

The staff of NewVista Advisors has been defining compelling Vision and IT Strategies for over 20 years, resulting in a detailed methodology with which we approach each project. We have spearheaded the process of defining the Vision and IT Strategy at a number of companies, transforming those organizations. In addition we have successfully created IT Roadmaps for our clients, designed to support the goals of the Technology Vision and IT Strategy, defining the portfolio of initiatives, standards, and processes necessary to implement the architecture, and have led the transitional process to the target technology environments.

NewVista Advisors can help your organization develop a compelling Vision and IT Strategy that drives business innovation, expands business opportunities and has true bottom line impact. Our decades of global business experience combined with our state of the art technical expertise are applied to answer your vital IT strategy questions:

  • Are IT spending priorities and technology deployments well aligned with the business strategy? In which IT functions must the enterprise excel at in order for the business strategy to succeed?

  • What are the threats and opportunities presented by competitors and their use of IT?

  • Are new IT initiatives (e.g. cloud, security, e-business, application integration, process integration) called for?

  • Which IT functions (if any) might be more efficiently performed by an outsourcing partner?

  • Where are IT strengths to be exploited, and where are weaknesses to be shored up?

Our experience with methodologies like Six Sigma and management philosophies such as Portfolio Management and the Balanced Scorecard can be used to ensure that your IT strategy translates to high operating performance and stays tied to your overall business strategy.

Extending beyond the strategy development we also offer a 4-6 week evaluation that conducts a thorough assessment of your IT organization's effectiveness.

Deliverables at the conclusion of the evaluation include:

  • Analysis of how IT resources are deployed, and how closely IT spending is correlated to the business strategy

  • Comparison of IT project management and technical infrastructure to the best practices in those areas

  • Evaluation of IT leadership and the effectiveness of working relationships between IT and business users of technology

  • Assessment of IT technical capabilities and the cost effectiveness of current IT functions

  • Detailed plan for addressing any weaknesses identified, for further exploitation of strengths identified, and for any realignment of IT resources which might be appropriate

Whether you are looking to develop a roadmap for the future, or simply need help understanding how to manage your current IT universe of systems and applications into a plan going forward, NewVista Advisors can assist your company in achieving an innovative, well articulated plan moving forward.


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